hTC One M7
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TWRP twrp-   TWRP Touch Recovery for hTC One M7  22-Feb-2015 18:00 11,563,198 bytes
MID   Aroma based MOD, for MID change  19-Apr-2015 18:00 2,790,309 bytes
 One_All-In-One_Kit_v3.1.rar  22-Aug-2013 18:00 42,622,995 bytes   Latest Firmware 7.19.401.2  08-May-2015 20:30 30,115,494 bytes   hTC Stock Firmware 7.19.401.2 Wipes All Clean Install  08-May-2015 20:30 564,579,084 bytes
 RUU-M7-UL-K44-Sense55-MR-HTC-Europe-4.19.401.9-R-Radio-4A.23.3263.28-10.38r.1157.04L-release-353069-signed.exe  28-Feb-2014 18:00 1,609,572,938 bytes

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