Elegancia ROM
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Elegencia-Full-Tweaks-v1.zip Elegencia-Full-Tweaks-v1.zip  Elegancia Full Tweaks v1 (Beta)  04-July-2013 18:30 12,986,356 bytes
Elegancia-Sense-4.1-v7.5.0.zip Elegancia-Sense-4.1-v7.5.0.zip  Elegancia Sense 4.1 Stock&Themed v7.5.0 ROM  05-Aug-2013 10:30 573,260,874 bytes
Elegancia-Sense-4.1-v8.0 Elegancia-Sense-4.1-v8.0.0.zip  Elegancia Sense 4.1 ROM v8.0  25-Sept-2013 18:30 577,402,237 bytes

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Elegancia is a ROM for hTC Sensation smartphones, developed by Steve007, the main page at XDA is this one: